Timer Professional

Have you ever been using the timer on your iPhone and wished that you could make another? I did, so I decided to make an app that lets you make as many timers as you want! I worked with a developer and launched version 1.0 for iOS 5. Last summer, I learned my way around the iOS SDK and released an all new version for iOS 7. The new version has been well received and downloaded over 27,000 times.
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I designed and architected an iPad app with a companion website to replace a paper workflow for a Fortune 100 Company's CEO. Previously, a team of 12 researchers worked to prepare a binder for each business trip - now they simply populate a website and all the trip details are automatically beautifully formatted on his iPad. The app displays trip itineraries, talking points, documents and biographies of key individuals. The CEO can even edit talking points while in international airspace on the company jet and the changes will sync when he lands.


ScrollMotion's software platform enables anyone to make great interactive content for the iPad without writing any code. To access your work you go through an iPad app called MobileLibrary. My goal was to make the content feel special and hands on, because nobody likes a file system.

Design Flex

Jim Dalrymple asked me to contribute to his excellent digital magazine The Loop. I wrote an article about how designers need to stop showing off and put their efforts towards what really matters.
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At ScrollMotion we enable people to make great interactive content for the iPad by providing building blocks of basic interactivity. This app demonstrates the interactions in fun and easy to understand examples. Its widely used in the organization by sales, design, training, and product.

Grey Goose eMIR Program

Rolled out across the New York Metro area - these kiosks let customers sign up in stores for a rebate on their purchase of Gray Goose or Bombay Sapphire. It generated significant engagement and allowed the brand to stay in touch with their customers.


I led the website design and extended the company branding for Earn, a San Francisco based non-profit. The website is built on a flexible content management system, so the website has been able to grow with their organization. View Website

National Community Stabilization Trust

I designed a website and created marketing content for New York based non profit with innovative mapping product to assist local banks in recovering from the foreclosure crisis. View Website